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bubbly football

Bumper Football Buy Knocker Ball

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Bubble football is originated in Europe, it is a kind of player wrapped in transparent plastic space ball in the football match. Sitting in front of the television to see the goal highlights? Guarding the computer keyboard do “know the ball Emperor”? Pro, you are out, the game is not enough skilled afraid, afraid of professional equipment is not enough. Here you are C Massey bubbles on the pitch, crash is king, because teenagers playing football is not just a bubble goal, it is to be knocked you.Everyone on the court knocked upside down, this is definitely not a “dive” in the game!
Material: Custom
Size: 1.5m to customize or buy an external diameter
Color: Custom
Application: pasture, football stadium
Type: rich foam balls
Warranty: 1 year
Printing: Print high-quality silk-screen printing or digital
Designed for a lot color selection.
High-quality products.
Safe and fun.
Seat belts on the inside of the pump with the ball.
The long, extensive and comprehensive guarantee of one in the industry.
Built to withstand commercial use, gardens, yards, such as family use rent.


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