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Bubble Football can be played on various substrates. Do you have at your business a surface of grass, artificial grass, snow, sand or a suitable indoor floor – then start today offering Bubble Soccer. This hilarious activity is often played during bachelor parties, company outings, alternative training, team building activities, friends, outings, and so on.
We are happy to help with the successful implementation of the Bubble Football activity in your current business. Do not doubt, do not hesitate to contact one of our employees.
Name:The new colored foam ball, foam soccer ball toy for football
Size: 1.2m, 1.5m 1.8m creates customized or ordered
Material 0.8mm TPU or 0.8mm PVC
Colored (transparent), red, yellow, blue, green, yellow-green, pink, black, orange, purple, etc. Clear.
Packing size 62x45x20cm+ PVC tarpaulin packing bag woven bag. (Double packaging)
Package weight 9kg, 12kg, 14kg.
MOQ 1pc
Usage grass, beach, snow, water, swimming pool etc.
Accessories CE / UL Inflatable pump
Competitive Advantage:
1. After several improvements, such as the shoulder harness on the inside of the foam ball is very durable accessories.
2. enhanced softness handle is more comfortable than the hard knob.
3. Fold a large export carton + defense.
4. Good quality, reasonable price and after-sales service is better.
You can choose any color on the ball?
You: The price is the same splendid view. You can choose from five colors, red, blue, yellow, green and clear. Leave a message for the color you want when you order about.
What is the warranty?
You: After two years in order to avoid Quality Assurance – sales – service risk free repair kit.
It’s nothing to be printed balls?
You: You can press the number and logo in their charge.
What shipped the product to the country?
You: all over the world.
About materials
TPU ball is allowed to play in the snow weather, but it was not to be PVC ball.
Between the two, the capacity to go better than PVC ball TPU ball from temperature changes everywhere, abrasion resistance and mechanical strength is more resistant than PVC.
Usually, we have a PVC foam football in the summer, it is best to play it all together TPU in summer and winter.


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