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Also known as Bumper Ball Football balls, Playing in front of a football game, players wear two teams in it just like a real football game.However, you can freely hit a defender or offensive. Body bumper balls have no harm at all and not very interesting for the game.You need a referee during the fair to keep the game as the game instead of the battle field.
1. Provide custom design.
2. Material: 0.8-1.0mm PVC or TPU, abrasion resistance, excellent flexibility and lead-free, waterproof, fireproof.
3. To ensure the quality of professional mechanical cutting, welding and printings.
4. Each product is, if necessary, include the following repair kits (material patch and glue) and air pump.
5. Strong export carton packing bag and transport and reuse.
6. MOQ: One
Repair instructions:
1. The leak can find exactly. Fill the mixture into a spray bottle and spray with soap and water freely along the seams to see it on the bumper. You will know until the solution starts to leak foam is located, so take note of the position of the hole.
2. Prepare a patch holes. Make sure the seam off-dry, core patch before it is fully deflated try. If you have seen the bumper that came with your patch kit, you can use the rubber before proceeding to thoroughly clean the private solution. It works rubbing alcohol.
3. Let’s apply plumber seam adhesive to dry for about 15 minutes. If possible, apply glue to the internal core as well, so it spreads and provides an additional layer of protection when you view pressurizes the bumper.
4. Enter to see the bumper and had to wait 30 minutes in order to make sure that the air halfway around the adhesive is completely dry.
5. Indeed, fixing holes to make sure the fully inflated item and spray it with soap water mixture again.


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